About dindemic

Your News. Your View. Your Say.

Report news or join the discussion on issues that matter to you, with your own thoughts and ideals, in a moderated environment.

From your locality, globally, instantly.

Report for your community, but let yourself be heard globally. Once a story is posted it is available instantly for anyone in the world to consume. You can see what is happening around you as it happens.

Location based groups.

Join and create location based groups for any topic. There are thousands of Dindemic created and moderated groups throughout the world. Or, create a localised group on any area of interest to you and moderate it yourself. Any story that does not have specific coordinates to display on the map will be able to find its home in a group.

Your choice.

Using our search capabilities, you choose the news you are interested in and the locations that interest you. You have total control over your news feed.

Love where you live? Let’s support your community together.

Our search mechanics prioritise results based upon your map search area. Post local and you’re going to have your story locally visible in your community. Search local and receive local content – it’s as simple as that!

You decide what is popular and build reputations.

All news starts on an even playing field. You can choose which stories or comments should have greater visibility by using the Echo button. Doing so also improves the reputation of the story creator so others know they have been producing reliable content.

Short on time? Try our “City Pages”.

Point the map to your area of interest and click on one of the City Page buttons to see the current trending news in that area based upon Echo button visibility. It’s like a regular news page you’d see on some other sites, but it is automatically created for any place on Earth!

We’re FREE!

Our regular account gives you access to all of the above and more, 100% free.

We love Non Profits!

We’ve created special accounts for Non Profits and conduct our own vetting so you know that they are who they say they are. We’ve allowed them to add donation buttons to stories as well, so you can see what Non Profits are doing in your community and support them directly.

We support Businesses too.

We’ve created an environment and special tools that allow businesses to coexist with regular news stories. Have a business? Get your news on the map at your business location through our Business accounts.

Go further with a Media account.

We want to support local media transitioning to web, as well as freelance media and new journalists. Our Media account comes with the ability to create a News Network which includes a unique web address, a homepage that highlights your currently most popular stories and new stories, editorial features and subscription functionality, all for a low one off cost.

And that’s not it!

There is more to come. We have many more ideas that we haven’t implemented yet and we intend to add them in the very near future. More importantly, we’d love to get your feedback on any features that you think we should have. Jump on our support forums and let us know.