Getting started

Here are a few tips to get you started in using Dindemic.

The Home Page Map

The map on the Home Page is used to select an area to search. This area is used by the regular Search as well as the City Page and Detailed City Page searches. Items shown within these areas will be prioritised depending on their Echo value.


Move the map to an area of interest and click Search. Results are displayed on the map (for stories that have specific coordinates) and below the Search Area (for stories that are posted to Groups in that area).

After a search is run the search area minimises. You can click the down arrow next to “Search Panel” to maximise the search parameters again.

City Page and Detailed City Page

These pages offer a quick way to see what is happening within a given map area. Move the map to your area of interest and click either button to receive a news page for that area.

Create an Account

Creating an account allows you to better access and contribute to Dindemic by creating stories, joining or creating groups, submitting comments and access many other features. To create an account, click on the Log In/Register link.

(The remainder of this guide assumes you have created an account)


Groups are used to place stories where there is no specific coordinates for the story. Stories should be posted to the appropriate groups depending on the target area of who you think would be interested in reading the story (town/city/country etc).

You can only post stories to groups that you Subscribe to, so you should search for groups in your area as soon as you create an account. You can search for groups using the Group and Network Search.  

New stories in a group that you subscribe to will also be displayed under the Group results area on the right hand side of the page with preference given to the most Echoed story.

Dindemic has created a number of generic public groups to get started. If there is no suitable group within your location then you can either create one or request one is created for you.

Echoes and the Echo button

The Echo button looks like this: echo-like_0.png

It appears on Stories and Comments. Clicking the button adds one to the Echo value of that Story or Comment, increasing it's visibility on Dindemic. It also grants the publisher +1 Echo, increasing the publishers reputation Dindemic.

Some functions of the site use a depreciating Echo value to display recent relevant stories, such as the Top Stories function. This is handled separately to the above.

Creating Stories

Stories can be created on any subject you like, so long as they do not conflict with our Terms and Conditions of use.

On the story creation page, a story either needs to be placed within a Group (for stories with no specific coordinates) or marked on the map (for stories with specific coordinates). It can also be placed in both. You should decide upon creation which is the best option for your story.

Want to know more?

You can check out the FAQ's as well as our Support Forums for further details.