Dindemic General

What is Dindemic?

Dindemic is a social media news website that merges citizen, media, not for profit and business news together in one portal.

Why does Dindemic want to know my location?

We want to make the site easy for you to use Dindemic by centering the maps on your general location. The site will work without sharing your location except you will need to manually move the map. This is the only use of location sharing.

Where and how do I change my password?

In “My Account” under the “Edit account” tab. Enter the password and click Save.

What is an Echo?

An Echo is Dindemic’s reputation and story or comment popularity system. Users of Dindemic have the ability to Echo any other user’s stories or comments. Doing so adds 1 to that story or comments Echo tally as well as the Echo tally of the user who made the post. This improves the story or comment’s visibility on the site as well as the creator’s reputation on Dindemic.
NOTE: You can improve your chances of having a story Echoed by writing truthful, honest and compelling stories of high quality. You can also use the Share functionality to share your stories on your other social networks.

Why is there no minus Echo button?

We want to ensure that all stories and comments are given the opportunity to exist on a level playing field and not just pander to popular stories and opinions. Both the “Report as Inappropriate” and “Silence” functions work together to prevent site misuse and enhance the user experience. We feel that both these functions fulfil the absence of a minus Echo button and provide greater flexibility for the site.

What is the Silence button?

The Silence button allows logged in users to quickly filter stories and comments received from other users where you would not like to see posts from those users again. Pressing the Silence button next to a user’s name will filter out these posts from any future searches, granting the user direct control against users who misuse the site. Users can cancel a Silence through the Silence tab on their Profile Page.

Who can read news stories?

Anyone with or without an account.

Who can post news stories?

Anyone with a registered account can post news stories.

What is the map and how is it used?

The map on the homepage is dual purpose:

  1. The map allows users to determine a target search area. Search results are limited to the area shown by the map when a search is performed. The stories displayed are prioritised based upon their Echo value in the target area which means that a narrower search area provides results that are not seen in a wider search area. This is Dindemic’s way of delivering meaningful results to every user based upon their requested search area criteria.
  2. Once a search is completed the map is also used to display news stories on it that have included geo-location data. These are shown with map markers that the user can click to preview each story.

What is a Group? 

A group is a collection of users that post and consume stories based upon the group’s interests. Groups also have target locations, meaning they also support localised content. Groups can be public or private.

What is a Public Group?

A Public Group is a group that is available for anyone to join and post news stories to.

What is a Private Group?

A Private Group is a group that is based on the “invite-only” principle. This group’s contents can only be seen by these people.

Who can create a group and how are they managed?

Any registered user can create a group. The creator of a group is the default group administrator. The group administrator has the ability to modify group settings, moderate the group, as well as invite other users to a Private Group.

Do all news stories need geo-location data?


Stories can be posted:

  • With geo-location data
  • To a Group that you are a member of
  • To a Group that you are a member of with geo-location data

HINT: There are general City/State/Country groups.

How do I create a Group?

  1. Click on “Create” in the bar at the top of the screen, and then click on “Group”.
  2. Complete the details including Group Name, Description.
  3. Choose if you would like the group to be Public or Private.
  4. Additionally, you will need to draw a rectangle on the map to show your group’s area of interest. Accurately doing so will help ensure your group is prioritised in search results where the user searches for groups within a similar area.
    To draw the rectangle:
    • adjust the map so that an accurate area can be drawn
    • click “Rectangle”, click on the map where a corner of the rectangle would be and release, then drag the rectangle over the area, and then click and release.
  5. When all fields are finalised, click “Save”.

How do I administer or edit a Group?

Group Creators become Group Managers and have access to an “Administer Group” tab when viewing the group. Using this tab they can invite new users or administer their existing users. Group Managers also have the ability to edit the details entered during group creation on the Edit tab.

How do I create a Story?

  1. Click on “Create” at the top of the screen, and then click on “Story”.
  2. Complete the details including Title, Body and Keywords.
  3. Attach pictures and/or video if required by clicking on the appropriate Browse buttons and selecting the files.
  4. Choose to post to a Group, to a location, or to both.
    NOTE: ensure the location is as accurate as possible.
  5. If using the geo-location map, zoom it in so that you can accurately position the marker, select the pencil icon, and then place a single dot on the map.
  6. Finally, click “Save”.

Will my Stories be deleted?

So long as Stories abide by Dindemic’s Terms and Conditions, all Stories will be retained on Dindemic indefinitely.

How do I find and join a Group or Network?

From the Group or Network page. You can navigate there by either:

  1. By using the “Search for Groups & Networks” button which enables users to search for Groups and Networks to join. The button is located within the Search panel on the main page. Here you can search by keyword and location for appropriate groups. Clicking on a name in the results field opens the Group or Network page where you can Subscribe or Follow.
  2. Stories posted to a Group or Network show that they belong to those Group’s or Network’s on the story page. Clicking on a name from the story page opens the Group or Network page where you can Subscribe or Follow.

How do I leave a Group or Network? 

On the Group or Network page, Click on the “Unsubscribe” or “Unfollow” button.

What is the City Page and Detailed City Page?

The City Page and Detailed City Page offer a quick way to get an overview of the current map area, showing the most Echoed stories in that view.
Both pages separate results into three columns: Stories, Groups and Comments.
The City Page shows the overview of everything within that space, whilst the Detailed City Page breaks down the stories into their categories, so more stories are shown.

What are the account types?

There are four account types:

  1. Regular
  2. Media
  3. Not for Profit
  4. Business

For information on Media, Not for Profit and Business accounts please see the account information links in your profile.

What are the requirements to upgrade to each account type? 

Each account can only be upgraded from a Regular account once, and there is no way to change an account from an upgraded account type to another account type.
NOTE: If upgrading to a Not-for-Profit or Business account all of your previous stories and comments will be deleted upon upgrade.
Further details on upgradeable accounts are as follows:
Media – there are no requirements for upgrade to a Media account.
Not-for-Profit – The account holder must work for a Not for Profit company. This account should be used for posting the companies news stories only. The account holder must have authority from the company to post stories on their behalf.
Business –This account allows Business and Commercial activity on Dindemic. The account holder must have authority from the business to post stories on their behalf.

Can a single account have multiple account types?


For Business and Not-for-Profit accounts we recommend you create new accounts for upgrade, so that you can retain your regular account for personal use.


How is a Not-for-Profit Group vetted?

A Not-for-Profit Group is required to provide supporting evidence upon application that supports their claim as belonging to a Not-for-Profit Group, including registered Not-for-Profit government identifiers, and personal identifiers. Users must also confirm that they have permission on behalf of the Not-for-Profit organisation to apply for this account type.
Dindemic then uses the information provided to best ensure that applicants are legitimate, and accounts are created once the verification process is complete.

What happens if my application is not successful or if the account is later found to be fraudulent?

You will be notified via email. Any stories that you have created will be removed. Any application fees are non-refundable.

Why does the Not-for-Profit verification process exist?

To the best of our ability, Dindemic wishes to ensure that Not-for-Profit account holders are legitimate employees of Not-for-Profit organisations. This helps ensure the validity of all Not-for-Profit stories on Dindemic and aims to promote a safe culture on the site so that users may be more inclined to donate by knowing that these account types have been verified. 

What is a Not-for-Profit Group?

A Not-for-Profit Group is similar to a normal Group in most respects except that it is denoted as a Not-for-Profit Group in Search results allowing your group to be more easily identified.
HINT: Each Not-for-Profit organisation may want to create a Not-for-Profit Group where all stories are linked to which would allow easy subscription by regular users.

How do I create a Not-for-Profit Group?

  1. Click on “Create” in the bar at the top of the screen, and then click on “Group”.
  2. Complete the details including Group Name, Description.
  3. Additionally, you will need to draw a rectangle on the map to show your group’s area of interest. Accurately doing so will help ensure your group is prioritised in search results where the user searches for groups within a similar area.
    To draw the rectangle:
    • adjust the map so that an accurate area can be drawn
    • click on the rectangle icon
    • draw a rectangle on the map
  4. When all fields are finalised, click “Save”.

How do I add a Paypal Donate button to my stories? 

Once an account is upgraded to a Not-for-Profit account, a Paypal Donate field is accessible in the accounts Profile page. Enter your Paypal details here. Once complete, you will be able to choose to add it into your stories on the Create Story page.

Does Dindemic take any money from the Paypal Donate buttons on Not-for-Profit stories?

No. The Paypal Donate button is administered by the Not-for-Profit user who creates the story. Any donations are delivered directly to the given address on Paypal.
NOTE: Paypal registration requirements and fees may apply. Paypal have verification requirements on who is able to use the Donate button. Further details can be found here. https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donate-intro-outside


What is a News Network?

A News Network is a single news organisation that allows Media users to collaborate news stories together under a single banner. Each News Network must have at least 1 Media User.

How does the News Network page work?

The main part of the News Network page is automated to show the most Echoed stories. If there are not enough Echoed stories to complete the page, then the remainder of the page is filled with Most Viewed stories.
The News Network’s most recent stories are displayed down the right hand side.

Can I create multiple News Networks?

News Network creation is limited based upon if you are already an Editor of a News Network or not.

You can only create a News Network if you are not already an Editor of another News Network. However, you can still be a contributor to a News Network is you are the Editor of a separate one.

What functions does an Editor have?

An editor of a News Network has the same moderation abilities as an administrator of a group. In addition, the Editor can:

  • Edit the News Network details
  • Set Paid Subscription details
  • Access the Review Function – allows the Editor to “review” News Stories for posting on the News Network from other News Network members. Once a review is accepted, the story is posted.

Who can post to News Networks?

Only Media Users who are part of the News Network.

How do I join a News Network to contribute to it?

The Editor of the News Network has the ability to invite other Media Users. You must accept this invitation to join the News Network.

How do I subscribe to a News Network?

Click on the Subscribe button on the News Network page.

What are Paid Subscriptions?

Each story that is posted to a News Network can be marked as requiring a Paid Subscription or not. Stories without a Paid Subscription will be publicly available, whereas stories with a Paid Subscription will only be available to users who have an active subscription to that News Network.
A paid subscription to a News Network allows the user access to all content of that News Network for the subscription period.

What is the “Auto Recurring” check-box and what does it do?

This checkbox allows paid subscribers to automatically resubscribe to a News Network without having to manually do so when the subscription period ends.
It also protects paid subscribers so that if the terms of subscription worsen (length of subscription shortens or subscription cost increases) then they are not automatically charged and are notified of this change in order for the user to choose to resubscribe or not.

What are the limitations of the subscription fee?

The subscription fee must be at least $0.50 per transaction. The length of subscription is controllable by the Editor of the News Network.

What are the fees paid to Dindemic for Paid Subscriptions?

Dindemic receives 25% of all Paid Subscription fees which covers all of the subscription processing and handling costs for each News Network.

How can I check my balance?

The balance owed to the News Network is available to the Editor on the News Network page.

How do I withdraw funds?

The Editor can use the “Withdraw” button on the News Network page. Once pressed a window opens asking the Editor to enter their email address and the withdrawal amount. Once processed, the funds will be sent to the email address via Paypal.

What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?

The minimum amount that can be withdrawn per transaction is $20.


What is the Business Profile page?

The Business Profile page shows information regarding the Business as a whole. The page also shows a list of each of the sites the Business can post stories to.

What is a site?

A site is a physical location where a Business conducts their activities. The upgrade to a Business account includes one site.

Can I have more sites?

Yes. Additional sites can be purchased through the Business Profile page.

Can I post news to many sites at the same time?

Yes. Simply select all the sites you want to post a story to on the story creation page.

What is scheduling?

Scheduling allows a business to set news stories to be posted to a site at a given time in the future.

Is story scheduling repeatable?

Yes. A story can be set to repeat on a regular basis.